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Agenda for the evening:
  • Welcome to August meet
  • Usual notices:
    • GHM ground rules 
    • Membership fees 
    • Club recruitment 
  • Upcoming dates: 
    • Aberdeen Show 27th Aug
    • GHM meeting 6th Sept
    • Edinburgh Show 24th Sept
  • Latest purchases
  • Tea & Coffee (Judging of competition)
  • Finished models & competition models.
  • Wash up

Due to COVID infections the GHM don’t have enough staff to facilitate July's meeting on the 5th therefore we are rescheduling to the evening of Tue 19th July.

The agenda for the evening is as follows;

-Parish Notices
-Problem Clinic
-East Neuk Model Show Report
-Show & Tell
-Shop Window
-Tea Break
-Kit Swap/Kit Sales

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 14th June (temporarily moved from our usual first Tuesday of the month due to the GHM's requirements) at the usual time of 7pm.

The evening will have a kitswap, so bring along any kits taking up space on your shelves to see if anyone else has space for them on their shelves!


-Parish Notices
-Perth Model Show Report
-Show & Tell (latest builds & WIP)
-Shop Window (latest purchases)
-Tea Break
-Kit Swap/Kit Sales